Consider Steady Wisdom an introduction to traditional Vedanta. Below you’ll find resources to deepen your understanding.

Swami Paramarthananda (Hindu Online–talks can be found in Bhagavad Gita, Discourses, and Commentaries sections) – Swami Paramarthananda is considered one of the leading authorities on traditional Vedanta. – No longer with us in the physical, Swami Dayananda is considered to be one great modern day teachers of traditional Vedanta. Check out his 2000 Bhagavad Gita home study course for an in depth teaching on both karma yoga and jnana yoga. – Ted has an incredible grasp of the teachings and an uncanny ability to share the knowledge. His site offers both incredible detail and additional references to take you all the way home to the self. I have personally worked with Ted and greatly appreciate his service to the lineage. Check out Ted’s new book, “Self-Knowledge, The King Of Secrets.” – wonderful site with a basics Vedanta course. – James Swartz’ website. A cornucopia of Vedanta knowledge. Visit the free satsangs section where students from around the world raise their doubts to teachers established in the self and methodology. Also, when you are ready, download the complete Vedanta set (video or audio) offering a collection of seminars to support shravanam, the first phase of self inquiry – immersion into the teachings.  And please before doing anything else, read “The Essence of Enlightenment.” – I met Christian at the 2016 Trout Lake seminar in WA where he gave a teachings on his Calm To The Core, mindset practice. The process is in total alignment with the teachings of Vedanta with particular focus on values, gratitude, knowledge, and a process of creating determinations (statements) which align your mind/thoughts with your values, your vision and transform your challenges. Think of your mind as a habit machine that servers up involuntary thoughts based on your past conditioning. The mindset practice puts you in the driver’s seat by reconditioning the mind to serve up thoughts that pave the pathway to moksha. – Recently deceased, Swami Chinmayananda, also known as the pope of India, was also one of the leading present day teachers of traditional Vedanta and the James Swartz’ final teacher.

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