11011301_427426487440163_7822267190529209047_nVedanta is an ancient path of knowledge that reveals our essential nature as limitless consciousness existence.

This Self is the light that is shining through our minds right now, illumining our sensations, emotions and thoughts. We can gain access to this light via sakshi chaitanyam, witness consciousness.

Vedanta is a complete means of knowledge that removes suffering (binding desires and fears), revealing our essential nature as non-dual love.

The essential methodology of Vedanta is atma-anatma-viveka, or the discrimination (viveka) between the self (atma) and the apparently real/not self (anatma). Karma Yoga and Upasana Yoga prepare the mind for Jnana or knowledge Yoga.

Since we already are the Self, Brahman, we can’t become the Self through action. However we can prepare the mind to assimilate the knowledge of who we are, through action called yoga. The distance between the conditioned human being and the enlightened Self, is ignorance – not knowing who we are. It is the knowledge of the Self, provided by the scriptures, that closes the gap, or rather removes the apparent separation.

The sampradaya or lineage of traditional Vedanta goes back thousands of years, offering knowledge that has been distilled and purified by thousands of rishis and sages.

The Upanishads (knowledge section of the Vedas), Bhagavad Gita and the Brahma Sutra are the source texts of Vedanta. Adi Shankara, from the 8th, century offered commentaries on the Upanishads that further refined Vedanta. Then in the 14th century, Vidyaranya Swami, from the Vivarana school, offered the Panchadasi, a text that further expounded upon the teachings.


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