Guided Audio Meditation w/ Eaden Shantay

11 minute Guided Audio Meditations. Enjoy silence and further contemplation following each meditation. Additional meditations will be added each week so please return. You can also participate each Wednesday evening, 7:30pm at True Nature, Carbondale, CO for Meditation+Vedanta. Meditation 1, With Contemplation Meditation 2, Exploring Emotion If you enjoy these meditations and find benefit in […]

The Five Features of Consciousness

Many believe consciousness comes from the body but how can consciousness arise from a combination of five inert elements of which the body is made – earth, water, fire, air and space? Or even the expanded 118 elements of the period table? In other words, how can something, sentience, come from nothing, insentience? Does moonlight […]

Order of Vedantic Study

Before exploring the Upanishads, it is recommended that students study: Introduction to Vedanta  Value of Values Tattvabodha The Teachings of the Bhagavad Gita Upadesha Saram Bhagavad Gita Home Study (9 volumes) Other important texts include: Vivekachudamani, Aparoksanubhuti and Panchadasi. For those who enjoy reading books, Swami Dayananda is as good as it gets. For those […]

Shanti Mantras – Prayers of Peace

Prayers for Peace, recited at the beginning or end of ceremonies and teachings. Below you’ll find the essential meanings (summary) of the 10 Shanti Mantras as presented by Swami Paramarthananda, in his introduction to the Brahma Sutras. Listen to the Shanti Mantras in Sanskrit on BS 003. The Shanti Mantras are excerpts from the ten […]