Bhakti – Devotion

“When love is directed towards something higher, nobler, and greater, it is known as bhakti (devotion).” Swami Paramarthanda. Bhakti has two primary meanings, devotion or love of Isvara (God) and sadhana (spiritual practice) done with love of God, this is yoga. There are three stages (qualities or intensities) of bhakti and three practices of bhakti. […]

Great Oneness, Isvara

Remove my ignorance – the likes and dislikes, fears and desires, that influence my actions. Let me act instead from understanding and dharma, the nature of creation, which is love. Remove my attachment to this body-mind, and the objects and experiences that appear as thoughts in my mind. Let me know your love, the source […]

Reflections On Love

The final stage of bhakti (devotion), as shared by the Narada Bhakti Sutras, is non-dual love. The first stage is love of objects, then God, followed by love of Self knowledge and finally actualizing Self love. In realizing my essential nature as non-dual love, I no longer NEED to receive love or even give it. […]

KARMA YOGA : Transform Your Life With Every Action

Instead of carving time out of each day for spiritual practice, make your whole life a spiritual practice with Karma Yoga.  We are each born with a unique purpose (svadharma) and when we live this purpose, our life has meaning and we feel content. When we share our gifts and passions with creation (the dharmic field), creation […]

Dissolving Inner Obstacles

Every moment features two orders of reality, 1) Mithya – the realm of objects, which includes experience, both internal and external, and 2) Satya – the subject, limitless, conscious existence, within which objects appear (which is actually free of all attributes). Suffering results when we identify with 1 and forget we are 2. What does identify mean […]

When The Student is Ready, The Teacher and Teaching Appear

In the Bhagavad Gita, one of the great teaching stories of both action (karma) and knowledge, Krishna (as consciousness) is driving Arjuna’s chariot, playing the role of teacher and friend. Arjuna, as student and warrior, has a very difficult decisions to make. Does he go to war with his former guru and friends in order […]

The Web of Maya

The web of maya, physical manifestation, is illuminated by the light of consciousness. We often take this body, emotion, thought, and experience, which are all objects, to be real but they are only relative. They appear and disappear within and are illuminated by consciousness. Without consciousness – our truenature, the body and all experience would […]

The Roots of Yoga

“Those in whose hearts OM reverberates, unceasingly are indeed blessed and deeply loved as one who is the Self. The all-knowing Self was never born, nor will it die. Beyond cause and effect (karma), this Self is eternal and immutable. When the body dies, the Self does not die.” Katha Upanishad The historical journey of […]