Conceit and the Need for Respect

Conceit manifests in my demand that others show me respect. When I demand respect from others, I invite disturbance into my mind, because respect voluntarily given by another is subject to the whim of the giver. The cause of my conceit and the resulting need for respect from others lies in my underlying doubt about […]

Purify Fear & Desire w/ Karma Yoga

What is Karma Yoga? The attitude with which we take action. When is the best time to practice? Anytime during the waking state. What is the purpose of Karma Yoga? To purify binding fears and desires, reduce emotional and mental disturbance and cultivate predominate sattva (peace of mind). Thus preparing the mind for the assimilation […]

On Self Esteem

Low self-esteem is one of the great dis-eases of our modern culture. When the Dalai Lama first visited the United States, he had no idea what it was as it was non-existent in Tibet. Low self-esteem results from a variety of factors including: neglectful parents, negative peer groups, trauma/abuse, the media as it relates to […]

Does studying Vedanta require you to believe in God?

By Ramji (James Swartz) Short answer: God is a word that means many things to many people so this is not a question that easily lends itself to a short answer. However, if by God you mean some kind of being that lives in a heavenly realm somewhere “out there,” then no, Vedanta does not […]

Three Month Vedanta Course w/ Ramji (James Swartz) at True Nature, Carbondale, CO.

True Nature Healing Arts is honored to host Ramji In the Colorado Rockies for this special Three Month Vedanta Course! Coming from an impeccable lineage (Swami Chinmayananda) and endowed with over 40 years of teaching experience in this age old tradition, Ramji unveils this timeless knowledge with clarity, candor and humor. He has become one […]

Meditation Will Not Give You Enlightenment

By Vinay & Lidija (Samadhi) It’s important at this point to clear a common misconception about meditation. A common belief nowadays in various spiritual circles is that meditation can lead to enlightenment. People spend years and years meditating of hours a day, and end up being frustrated. According to Vedanta, meditation will not give you […]

Is Vedanta Flawed?

Q: Is there a flaw in Vedanta’s rationale because Vedanta says the Self cannot be known? A: There is a flaw, however not with Vedanta but rather our understanding per the qualifications. The teachings are pristine and have been helping qualified jivas become free (attain Self knowledge) for thousands of years. It is true that […]

Bhakti – Devotion

“When love is directed towards something higher, nobler, and greater, it is known as bhakti (devotion).” Swami Paramarthanda. Bhakti has two primary meanings, devotion or love of Isvara (God) and sadhana (spiritual practice) done with love of God, this is yoga. There are three stages (qualities or intensities) of bhakti and three practices of bhakti. […]