Ancient Yogic Wisdom for the Modern Day Seeker

Gain the timeless wisdom of the sages as presented in the Bhagavad Gita & Upanishads at True Nature Healing Arts, an intentional center for personal growth in the heart of the Colorado Mountains. Study with Ramji, a teacher with over 50 years experience, living and learning with Vedantic masters in India. Live-streaming via the web, […]

Does studying Vedanta require you to believe in God?

By Ramji (James Swartz) Short answer: God is a word that means many things to many people so this is not a question that easily lends itself to a short answer. However, if by God you mean some kind of being that lives in a heavenly realm somewhere “out there,” then no, Vedanta does not […]

Inquiry Into Knowledge

Below is an inquiry into knowledge undertaken the last few days. Writing about Vedanta helps shine a light on where my knowledge is limited and offers the opportunity for further study. Relative knowledge: Knowledge of objects that change based upon one’s point of view in time and space. Examples: gravity on earth versus gravity on […]

Turn and Face the Light, It’s You!

Everything we experience – our thoughts, emotions and sensations, is the direct result of karma (action). Karma from this lifetime and previous ones creates vasanas (likes and dislikes). The more we move towards or away from these likes and dislikes, the more binding they become, resulting in desires and fears that can and often do […]