The Three Yogas of Vedanta

Vedanta delineates three broad categories of yoga. One can also call them three types of bhakti or devotion. 1. Karma (Action) Yoga 2. Upasana (Ashtanga) Yoga 3. Jnana Yoga (Self Inquiry) Bhakti is not a separate yoga but rather the yogas and devotional energy that fuels them – that passion to connect to something higher, […]

Lights, Camera, Action (Extended Cut)

Have you ever wondered: Why your life is the way it is? How you found yourself in this particular body, with these thoughts and feelings? Who chose your family? Where did your life challenges, addictions, struggles, gifts and passions come from? Life is a  Holographic Projection. The light of self (awareness) shines through our conditioning (vasanas) much […]

KARMA YOGA : Transform Your Life With Every Action

Instead of carving time out of each day for spiritual practice, make your whole life a spiritual practice with Karma Yoga.  We are each born with a unique purpose (svadharma) and when we live this purpose, our life has meaning and we feel content. When we share our gifts and passions with creation (the dharmic field), creation […]

The Practice of Unconditional Love

Karma is like an arrow shot from a bow, once released it can’t be taken back or redirected. While the results of our actions are beyond our control, we do have a choice in how we respond to the results. The attitude we bring to daily experience has great impact on the quality of our lives and whether or not we neutralize negative karma or create more of it.