Lights, Camera, Action!

Have you ever wondered why two people can view the very same experience and draw completely different conclusions about what transpired? Or why you have the reoccurring emotions and thoughts you experience? How about your challenges, addictions, gifts and passions? Where does all this stuff come from anyway? Now the answer is simple but it’s also […]

On Love

When I was young, I sought negative attention to fill the emptiness inside. I felt bad and was often “irritable,” code for angry. I was allergic to most foods and the environment, which was a form of self rejection. I often created havoc for my family and friends. Of course I was probably perceived as […]

Why Are We Here?

My morning practice transforms my challenges, affirms my values and supports my highest vision. Gratitude: Every day I begin with gratitude, because all I have, has been given to me. This body, heart and mind, friendships, opportunities, challenges, family,… Values: I then consider what I value most and commit to actions which align with these […]