Vedanta Lineage

My studies of Vedanta first began 25 years ago with Eli Jaxon-Bear and Gangaji, two advaita Vedanta teachers in the lineage of Sri Ramana Maharshi (pictured right), a self-actualized saint who’s ashram now rests at the base of Arunachala in Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India.

While I loved working with Eli and Gangaji, and was truly inspired, the teachings lacked a methodology. I would think to myself, yes this beautiful, the sanga (community) and satsangs (teachings) feel great but how do I assimilate the teachings and actualize the knowledge?

fullsizeoutput_16In 2014, my interest in non-dual teachings led to me to read a few books by Dennis Waite, who has a UK based blog called Advaita Vedanta. Dennis recommended Ramji and my path led me to traditional Vedanta.

I greatly benefited from extended in-person teachings with Ramji (pictured left), author of How to Attain Enlightenment and The Essence of Enlightenment and other wonderful commentaries. It was in the first 25 pages of How to Attain Enlightenment that I found the methodology of traditional Vedanta that was very much missing from the many Neo-advaita teachers in the lineage of Papaji.

Of late I have been enjoying further studies with two wonderful traditional Vedanta teachers, Swami Dayananda (lower left), and Swami Paramarthananda (lower right). Swami P is alive and well and teaching in Chennai, India.

Visit the resources section of this website to gain access to the aforementioned teachers.

Dayananda-5         fullsizeoutput_3d6

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