OM Defined


The Om symbol represents awareness, Maya and the three states – waking, dreaming and deep sleep. The lower left curve (bottom half of 3) represents the waking state, where awareness is projected outward. In the waking state, the jiva or embodied soul interacts with creation via the five senses. The curve or circle in this depiction, represents the dream state where awareness is turned inward. Dream content is illuminated by awareness. The upper left curve (top of 3) represents deep sleep, the unconscious state where the bliss of the 5th kosha or sheath is present. The curved dash under the dot represents Maya, a power within awareness (beautiful intelligent ignorance) which veils awareness and gives rise to the three states, five elements, three bodies (gross, subtle and causal), five sheaths (physical, pranic, psycho-emotional, wisdom/intellect and bliss), and all manifest creation. Finally, the dot above Maya, which is Satya, represents the truth of self, also known as Brahman, consciousness and awareness.

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