Does Consciousness Evolve?

There is a belief in the spiritual world that consciousness evolves, and that part of our mandate as spiritual seekers, is to support the evolution of it. But does consciousness really evolve? Well, it does and it doesn’t, depending on your  perspective and definition of consciousness. From the Upanishads, the source texts of Vedanta (a […]

Conceit and the Need for Respect

Conceit manifests in my demand that others show me respect. When I demand respect from others, I invite disturbance into my mind, because respect voluntarily given by another is subject to the whim of the giver. The cause of my conceit and the resulting need for respect from others lies in my underlying doubt about […]

Purify Fear & Desire w/ Karma Yoga

What is Karma Yoga? The attitude with which we take action. When is the best time to practice? Anytime during the waking state. What is the purpose of Karma Yoga? To purify binding fears and desires, reduce emotional and mental disturbance and cultivate predominate sattva (peace of mind). Thus preparing the mind for the assimilation […]

On Self Esteem

Low self-esteem is one of the great dis-eases of our modern culture. When the Dalai Lama first visited the United States, he had no idea what it was as it was non-existent in Tibet. Low self-esteem results from a variety of factors including: neglectful parents, negative peer groups, trauma/abuse, the media as it relates to […]

The Bhagavad Gita, Three-Month Study with Ramji at True Nature

Immerse in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, exploring one of the most important spiritual texts of the last 3,000 years. Join Ramji at True Nature in Carbondale, CO, as he continues to unfold the timeless teachings of the Bhagavad Gita. ​Starting June 6, he’ll covers chapters 6 – 12 of the Gita in great detail. May’s teachings, Gita […]

Ancient Yogic Wisdom for the Modern Day Seeker

Gain the timeless wisdom of the sages as presented in the Bhagavad Gita & Upanishads at True Nature Healing Arts, an intentional center for personal growth in the heart of the Colorado Mountains. Study with Ramji, a teacher with over 50 years experience, living and learning with Vedantic masters in India. Live-streaming via the web, […]

The Three Yogas of Vedanta

Vedanta delineates three broad categories of yoga. One can also call them three types of bhakti or devotion. 1. Karma (Action) Yoga 2. Upasana (Ashtanga) Yoga 3. Jnana Yoga (Self Inquiry) Bhakti is not a separate yoga but rather the yogas and devotional energy that fuels them – that passion to connect to something higher, […]