flower-in-pond1Like a radiant flame, a sound that ignites harmony, one drop ripples into the infinite… We are elevated by your journey, by your works, but most precious is how all is ignited when you turn within. For being you… Thank you father, brother, dear friend and reflection of Self. With infinite, unconditional, authentic love, Talia Atkins

Eaden Shantay’s Wednesday night meditation class has been an elevating complement to my yoga practice at True Nature Healing Arts over this past winter. Eaden’s gentle guidance in beautiful surroundings makes for a comfortable space in which to reflect and center each week. Eaden usually begins each class with Kirtan, made unique by his “jazz-chord” guitar accompaniment, which sometimes makes for some mighty “Oms!” During the hour, he offers thoughtful comment, yogic (and sometimes Native American) philosophy, stories, breathing exercises, extended silences and authentic sharing. Each evening has its own unique quality; no class is ever the same. That said, I think this summer is going to be amazing, when we can get outside and meditate in the Peace Garden! Kate Goldsworthy

What a selfless gift to share sacred space with any who seek it. Thank you for your honest, knowledge, and passion for the journey of Self discovery. Max Harlow

I find the silent companionship in meditation very nurturing. Learning different techniques to quiet and observe the mind is a great adventure. I am feeling more aware in everyday life and the class is motivating me to practice daily. Thank you! Sue Knable

I truly appreciate all your honesty, guidance, and truthfulness within this journey. Your humor is intoxicating. Amy Gensch

Thank you for teaching me to bring stillness to my mind and to explore the depth of my soul. Much love, Mary Ferrari

Eaden your dedication and practice shine through in your classes. Thank you for being a guide and unassuming helper. The world is changing for the better with the help fo True Nature Healing Arts! Shane Spyker

Thank you for your ever shining love and light, Jacqui Forster

I loved the (meditation) workshop. I have enjoyed trying the different types of meditation and learning from each of them. I left completely relaxed and filled with gratitude and contentment. I so appreciate you sharing the practice. Laura Kirk

Thank you for being a humble guide, and for your beautiful reflections. Whitney Rose

Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I feel blessed to have you as a teacher. Corielle

Eaden with deep gratitude, thank you for sharing your wisdom and your truth. Meditation will forever be enriched in my life. Thank you for the guidance. Karin Bannerot

One of the many attributes I admire about Eaden is his ability to genuinely speak from his heart. I learned so much from his raw truthfulness and his ability to speak authentically to foster his teaching. He is a source of wisdom and knowledge and I always enjoy his meditation classes. Lindsay Herlinger

Eaden is a compassionate healer who holds space with love and good humor! I always feel safe to explore all parts of myself when I am with him. It is clear that Eaden ‘practices what he preaches.’ He is great at reminding us that meeting ourselves in love is a practice that we may need to recommit to over and over again…that we are beautiful and perfect in our humanness and that there is not an end point but a process of letting go and letting come…a remembering of love, of oneness. In the sweat lodge, I fully and completely know I can trust him even when my trust in myself waivers. He truly honors the teachings and how each of this must take them in – in our own time. Even in the sweat lodge, Eaden meets us with humor, sweet and easy, lifting the intensity so we may feel safe to let go more freely. Studying with Eaden has been and will continue to be a gift I have great gratitude for. Jess Jacobson

Eaden has helped me to learn the importance of stillness of the mind for more peace and happiness.  I also really appreciate his calm nature and great sense of humor. Dave Scruby

I have loved getting to know Eaden through the teacher training & meditation classes. His gentle nature, wealth of knowledge, humor, & compassion are fabulous. I feel so fortunate to live in the same valley. Thanks for your openness and for sharing! Nancy Kimbrell

Eaden and True Nature have a great influence in my life. From the yoga classes and tea room, to the sweat lodge ceremonies, just to name a few offerings. The True Nature team are wellsprings of mindfulness and wellness. Tyler Stableford


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