photo_EadenC“Beautifully hypnotic, almost mantra-like groove to “no time” that sax, and the graceful, mesmerizing vocal…I really like the mood you create with your music bro!” Mike White Presents

Absolutely brilliant!! Duane Slater

“Bobo Malay by Eaden Shantay, is a soulful and heartfelt expression of our deepest desire to connect with and learn from our ancestors. This chant is shared with a beautiful intention to call forth, walk with, and offer gratitude to the spirits of this sacred mother earth.” Malidoma Patrice Some’ of the Dagara tribe, West Africa, author, Of Water and Spirit.

“No Time, written and performed by Eaden Shantay and supported by a very talented collaboration of musicians, is a rich, evocative musical meditation that flows softly and seamlessly from beginning to final fade.  Richly layered with heart-melting harmonies, deft sax fills and evocative percussion, the piece takes the listener on a calming inward journey of self-exploration.  Were this an LP played on my turntable, no doubt its grooves would be well worn within days. Looking forward to enjoying the entire “Endless Sea” recording once it is mastered.” Kip Hubbard

“Beautiful, ethereal, magical, inviting flow! Such depth! Wonderful, resonant composition & execution! Leaves me in anticipation of more!” Dr. Bill Boehm

“It really brings together your musical background/talent and your chosen path.  A journey that merges the cool, soothing sensations of jazz and world music with a message just as smooth and inspired.” Liz Tolan

“Love it! The perfect addition to the itunes library when the mood calls for some “calm”…which is quite often!” Angie Nickamin

“Love it! Great relaxing music. The lyrics are easy to understand so I can sing along.” Cindy Meyer

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