Real Life Teachers

Image 3-6-18 at 10.08 AM (1)In the beginning, the teacher carries the load but as we take in the teachings and gain knowledge, the student carries more and more weight.

The teacher can’t do the work for us, only we can.

Sometimes this process, like birth, hurts, facing our fears, shame, guilt,… one by one.

We all have unresolved issues, that’s why we’re here, to resolve them.

In most cases, the teacher only sees what we want to show them, our bright and shiny side.

Who sees the real us? Our family. Intimate and honest relationship is not all fun and games, it’s where we roll up our sleeves and apply the teachings day in and day out.

I have a spiritual teacher yes, I also have my real life teachers, those I share life with.

Sure I want to spend time with my guru in India and I will but for now I read, I listen, I learn, I teach and I apply the teachings to this daily moment to moment experience, filled with all the juicy opportunities I need on this journey towards liberation.

And yes we’re already there, which is here! This love that we all want so badly is shining through our bodies, hearts and minds right this very moment.


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