The Body Is A Sacred Temple

oQKDK0GlQeODwfE09K6tZQThe body is a sacred temple. Within this temple there is a heart. Within this heart, there is a mind. And within this mind lies the Self – existence consciousness, which is love.

It takes a quiet mind to access the subtle and all pervasive Self. The objects of sensation, emotion and thought, and the push pull of creation often steal the show.

But if you negate the arising objects, and the stories we superimpose upon them, in time you’ll gain access to greatest and holiest gift of all – the ever present subject, you.

Om Mani Padme Hum – The jewel is in the lotus. The lotus is the body temple, the jewel is you.

Pictured here, the Labyrinth with blooming Canada Red Choke Cherries at the True Nature Peace Garden.

Inspired by Swami Paramarthananda and his commentary on the Mundaka Upanishad.

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