On Self Acceptance

fullsizeoutput_23There isn’t a human alive that hasn’t made poor choices and hurt others.

Our missteps don’t tarnish who we are, which is love, though they do affect how we think and feel, and the karma we’ll have to meet going forward.

It’s important that we don’t beat ourselves up for the adharmic (against dharma) actions we’ve taken but that we reflect upon the effects of these actions and the reasons we took them.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes and my hardest critic has been me.

However, the best penance is being honest in terms of how we’ve hurt others and ourselves.

The Creator has given us two powerful gifts, self-reflection and free will choice. How we use these gifts each day determines the quality of our life.

Each moment we have a choice in the words we speak and actions we take that will affect the way we feel, the clarity of our mind and our self-esteem in the future

May we each realize our inherent goodness and with gratitude, act in alignment with our highest Self, in service to the whole.


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