Heal Thyself with Every Action

The practice of Karma Yoga.

Every moment we have a choice. Do our thoughts, words and deeds serve life or do they diminish it?

Actions that serve, lead to purpose, meaning and joy, those that diminish result in suffering, now and in the future, for ourselves and others.

Karma Yoga is the attitude we hold with regards to action. It’s a daily, moment to moment practice that works with the dharma (laws) of creation.

Over time, karma yoga settles the mind’s emotions, reducing the push-pull of fear and desire. And it prepares the mind for Self knowledge – understanding that we already are the love and joy we seek in objects and experience.

A karma yogi says: I am grateful for what I have and I want to give back. I take the best actions I can with the knowledge I have about who I am and how life works. I take action with no attachment to results, because the results are never up to me. Results are up to the field of creation. I then receive all results (moment to moment experience) as a gift. I enjoy the good and learn from the bad. And bad results are just the product of previous mis-aligned action that give me feedback so I can take more aligned actions going forward.

Encaustic paintings by Deva Shantay @truenaturehealibgarts

Join Eaden for Mediation, Mantra and Vedanta, Wednesdays 7:30pm and for Steady Wisdom, A Vedanta Study Group, Thursdays at noon. Both by donation at True Nature, Carbondale, CO.

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