The Grass Seems Greener…

“The grass seems greener on the other side of the street” as we look out at the world through the lens of inadequacy.

But what if the grass we’re grazing upon right now, is just right – for us?

It seems like others have the perfect (you fill in the blank) but in reality they don’t. No one does. Every human being has joy and sorrow and the perfect set of challenges.

And we each have a unique set of characteristics – based upon our past actions, in this lifetime and previous ones.

We’re here to meet and work through this karmic package, which feels like a curse sometimes but it’s really a blessing.

There is no get out of jail free card and no quick fixes, promise. Even suicide is just hitting the reset button.

We’re here to learn to understand who we are and how we tick. We’re here to love and accept ourselves – the good, bad and the ugly. We’re here to discover our unique and perfect sva(self) dharma – the characteristics that make us human. We’re here to share our gifts with the world and make a contribution.

We are all in this together. Are we really that different, because you’re red and I’m blue or you like Fox and I CNN? They are businesses that make money and gain power when we fear and hate each other.

We each have a body that breathes and bleeds. We each have fears and desires. We each want to be safe and our children to be happy. And yes our karma is different by design and that’s what makes the world interesting. Diversity is what makes natural ecosystems strong.

The grass is not greener on the other side, it’s just different. And God bless this truth cause God made it so.




#self #acceptance #selflove #forgiveness #understanding #service #intimacy #kindness #healing #growth #love

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