Three Month Vedanta Course w/ Ramji (James Swartz) at True Nature, Carbondale, CO.

True Nature Healing Arts is honored to host Ramji In the Colorado Rockies for this special Three Month Vedanta Course!

james-swartz-vedantaComing from an impeccable lineage (Swami Chinmayananda) and endowed with over 40 years of teaching experience in this age old tradition, Ramji unveils this timeless knowledge with clarity, candor and humor. He has become one of Vedanta’s most powerful voices in the East & West.

In this three month course, Ramji will share the essence of Traditional Vedanta via Karma Yoga, Love & Devotion and Self Inquiry, in an inspirational setting at True Nature Healing Arts in Carbondale, CO. Carbondale is an intimate mountain town 35 minutes from Aspen, populated by artists, ranchers, and outdoor enthusiasts, with close proximity to hiking, bniking and hot springs.

Three Month Vedanta Course Dates & Outline:

Karma Yoga (May 8th – May 27th)
Love & Devotion (June 5th – June 24th)
Knowledge & Self Inquiry (July 5th – July 22nd)

Register please at:

img_7612MONTH ONE: KARMA YOGA (May 8th – May 27th)

Appropriate use of free will. The month of May is dedicated to a systematic study of the topic of karma, action, as it is revealed in the Bhagavad Gita, one of the three canonical texts of Vedanta.

Module Topics:

  • The nature of the individual, the person you have come to believe you are – the one who does action to gain results in life.
  • The motivations for actions in the context of an individual’s desire to be free of suffering.
  • Why people suffer negative emotions…desire, anger, greed, fear, depression etc.
  • Karma Yoga – a time-tested method for removing unwanted emotions, with the idea of preparing the mind for Self Inquiry.
  • The material, psychological and moral laws operating in the field of life in which we act and how they impact on our psychology.

Properly understood, this inspiring teaching will release a torrent of positive energy that will produce a dramatic shift in your life. Karma Yoga is anyone who is dissatisfied with themselves or their lives and for reasonably satisfied people who know that there must be more to life but don’t know what it is.

Suggested Reading:

  • Essence of Enlightenment by James Swartz
  • ShiningWord’s satsang section on the Bhagavad Gita or Karma Yoga.
  • ShiningWorld videos on the Bhagavad Gita or Karma Yoga.
  • Teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, by Swami Dayananda


MONTH TWO: LOVE & DEVOTION (June 5th – June 24th)

Perhaps there is no greater cause of suffering than the need to love and be loved. The month of June is dedicated to an inquiry into the topic of love as it is unfolded in the Narada Bhakti Sutras, a premier Vedantic text.  Not only do we have a physical body for doing action in the world, we have an emotional body, a heart, for giving and receiving love.

Module Topics:

  • The spiritual path from A to Z in terms of five stages of love, the conversion of emotion into devotion, known as Bhakti Yoga.
  • Discrimination between the benefits and pitfalls of conditional dualistic love and limitless non-dual devotional love, which is non-different from the freedom we seek through our actions.
  • Fundamental spiritual practices that cultivate the heart and qualify the mind for Self inquiry, which will be presented in the third module in July.
  • Certain subtle confusions between love and knowledge, love and action and other ideas related to the path of love.
  • The topic of values.
  • The three basic heart energies that condition and color our love.
  • The personality of a fully enlightened Self actualized person who enjoys unconditional non-dual love and is capable of non-dual relationships.

Suggested Reading: The Yoga of Love, by James Swartz.

12376117_474766322706179_7375723286865949874_nMONTH THREE: KNOWLEDGE & SELF INQUIRY (July 5th – July 22nd)

Like the knowledge of karma, which is gained through yoga, the knowledge of the Self is gained through Vedanta, the path of s/Self inquiry, that culminates in non-dual vision which is non-separate from non-dual love.  Vedanta is a systematic means of inquiry into three topics: (1) the world (2) the person that experiences the world and (3) the unseen factors that control the behavior of the world and impact unknowingly on the individual.  What you don’t know, you don’t know to your detriment.

Module Topics:

  • The reason people seek freedom and non-dual love.
  • The basic enlightenment myths operating in the spiritual world.
  • The value of knowledge.
  • The qualifications required for gaining and retaining knowledge.
  • The importance of scripture and a qualified teacher, and
  • The nature of the two unseen factors that need to become know: (1) the power in us that generates the perception of non-duality and (2) the non-dual nature of the Self.

Inquiry into the Self is a three stage inquiry into existence/consciousness itself which is non-separate from the self of every living being. It provides the detailed methodology for discriminating the individual from the the limitless Self, which sets the Self free from its identification with the body/mind/sense complex.

Suggested Reading: 

  • The Essence of Enlightenment by James Swartz
  • Atma Bodh by James Swartz
  • Vedanta, the Big Picture by Swami Paramarthanda, provides a straightforward overview of the path of Self inquiry for beginners and intermediate seekers.
  • The Crown Jewel of Discrimination (Vivekachoodamani), details the means of Self knowledge, by Edwin Faust.
  • Inquiry Into Existence (Panchadasi), an advanced text on Self knowledge, delves into the nuances of Vedanta and is recommended only for advanced inquirers.

10502360_10203804778552427_3768005825926809749_nCourse Schedule and Times

Karma Yoga (May 8th-May 27th)

Weeks 1 & 2: one class per day, w/ Monday off.
⁃Wednesday, 7:30pm-9pm
⁃Thursday, 7:30pm-9pm
⁃Friday, 7:30pm-9pm
⁃Saturday 11am-1pm
⁃Sunday, 4pm-6pm

Week 3: One class Tu/Wed & Two classes Thur/Fri/Sat/Sun.
⁃Tu, May, 22nd, 7:30pm-9pm
⁃Wed, May 23rd, 7:30pm-9pm
⁃Th, May 24th, 3pm-5pm, 7:30pm-9pm
⁃Fri, May 25th, 3pm-5pm, 7:30pm-9pm
⁃Sat, May 26th, 10:30am-12:30pm, 3pm-5pm
⁃Sun, May 27th,10:30am-12:30pm, 3pm-5pm

8 Days Off


Love & Devotion (June 5th-June 24th)
Weeks 1 & 2: One class each day, w/ Monday off.
⁃Tuesday, 7:30pm-9pm
⁃Wednesday, 7:30pm-9pm
⁃Thursday, 7:30pm-9pm
⁃Friday, 7:30pm-9pm (Friday June 15th PUJA)
⁃Saturday, 11am-1pm
⁃Sunday, 4pm-6pm

Week 3:  One class Tu/Wed & Two classes Thur/Fri/Sat/Sun.
⁃Tu, June 19th, 7:30pm-9pm
⁃Wed, June 20th, 7:30pm-9pm
⁃Th, June 21st, 3pm-5pm, 7:30pm-9pm
⁃Fri, June 22nd, 3pm-5pm, 7:30pm-9pm
⁃Sat, June 23rd, 10:30am-12:30pm, 3pm-5pm
⁃Sun, June 24th,10:30am-12:30pm, 3pm-5pm

10 Days Off

Image 3-6-18 at 10.08 AM (1)

Knowledge & Self Inquiry (July 5th-July 22nd)
Week 1: One class each day, w/ Mon,Tu,Wed off.
⁃Th, July 5th, 7:30pm-9pm
⁃Fri, July 6th, 7:30pm-9pm
⁃Sat, July 7th, 11am-1pm
⁃Sun, July 8th, 4pm-6pm

Week 2: One class each day, w/ Monday off.
⁃Tu,  July 10th, 7:30pm-9pm
⁃Wed, July 11th, 7:30pm-9pm
⁃Th, July 12th, 7:30pm-9pm
⁃Fri, July 13th, 7:30pm-9pm (PUJA)
⁃Sat, July 14th, 11am-1pm
⁃Sun, July 15th, 4pm-6pm

Week 3: One class Tu/Wed & Two classes Thur/Fri/Sat/Sun.
⁃Tu, July 17th, 7:30pm-9pm
⁃Wed, July 18th, 7:30pm-9pm
⁃Th, July 19th, 3pm-5pm, 7:30pm-9pm
⁃Fri, July 20th, 3pm-5pm, 7:30pm-9pm
⁃Sat, July 21st, 10:30am-12:30pm, 3pm-5pm
⁃Sun, July 22nd,10:30am-12:30pm, 3pm-5pm


Registration Fee: $100/month gives access to all events in-person and live-streamed broadcast. Registrtion fees help cover the cost of the venue/live-streaming. Study at True Nature or via the web livestreaming. Participate in all or a portion of the offerings. This course is donation based and is not free.

Donation for the Teachings: please share donations to Ramji directly or at

True Nature Healing Arts, Carbondale, CO is 35 minutes from Aspen and Snowmass ski areas. Hot springs, hiking, mountain biking, camping… all close at hand. True Nature offers yoga classes, organic food, spa services, and a Peace Garden with labyrinth, reflexology path and Zen garden.

Lodging: Short & long-term rentals available, along with shared housing, Bed & Breakfast, camping and rooms in local homes. There are over 60 VRBO and AIR B&B’s Carbondale. To explore lodging options: Plan Your Visit.

Questions: and visit, 970-963-9900.

Learn more about Ramji and the teachings of traditional Vedanta at

Thank you to Ramji and the Sampradaya of Traditional Vedanta.


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