Stand In Self As The Self

We are devoted to and love what we pay attention to. This is why the teachings of Vedanta encourage us to set the mind on the Self alone.

Of course this is not always easy, our likes and dislikes pull attention here and there. Our desires and fears keep us identified with mithya, the world of objects and experience. We then suffer this attachment.

What to do? Karma Yoga.

With an attitude of gratitude for all we have been given, we dedicate all action to the field of creation. We take the very best action, in a timely manner, while relinquishing control of the result. We then receive all results, meaning moment to moment experience, as a gift from creation, enjoying the good, learning from the bad.

This practice reduces emotionality, leads to such contentment and prepares the mind to understand the subtle nature of the teachings. The essence of which is – we are the Self – limitless existence consciousness (SatChitAnanda).

With a clear mind, and the knowledge of the teachings at hand, how can we not put the highest value on the Self and abide there alone?

Photo by Forest Divine Nature.

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