I Am The Light


An identity mantra for contemplation. With each reading, let its deeper meaning, reveal itself to you.

I Am The Light

The limitless Self is my true nature, apparently covered by a limited body and mind that feels inadequate.

I am not the body or mind but the knower of the body and mind.

I am that which animates the body-mind. I shine through the body-mind. I am the shine.

I am the light, I have always been the light and I will always be the light – before, during, and after this next sensation, emotion, thought, action or experience.

I am limitless and unmodifiable, meaning that the passing objects of sensation, emotion and thought, have no impact on me, the Self, the light that shines upon them.

The Self (light) is not something to get, through action. How can I get what I already have and that which I am?

I have an ignorance problem, not an action problem. Yoga and meditation, and the samadhi they produce, cannot solve this ignorance problem, only knowledge can do this.

That’s not to say that action in the form of yoga and meditation are not helpful. They benefit me when I understood them to be a means of preparing the body-mind to assimilate the knowledge – I am the light.

Enlightenment is not a special status or state. It’s knowing the real me, the light, with total confidence.

Enlightening is recognizing my essential nature as non-dual light and love. When I recognize myself as such, I am free. I am liberated from the idea that I am limited and inadequate.

This understanding ends the spiritual search, because I have found what I have been looking for, that which was never lost – the Self, my essential nature, as light and love.

Photo by Katherine Dessert

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