What Is The Ego?

The ego is a thought, I am somebody, doing something.

Ego is the mind thinking thoughts of separation, believing, I am this body.

But I am not this body, these sensations, emotions and thoughts.

Nor am I not the sum total of my experiences or the stories in my head.

The ego is a super-imposition, which occurs when something believes it’s something else, like when a person sees a coiled rope in the twilight and thinks it’s a snake.

I cannot be this body/mind with its sensations, emotions and thoughts because this body/mind is known to me as an object.

Who am I? I am the subject, the knowing principle, the very light that animates the whole picture (object) show.

What is freedom, liberation or enlightenment? Knowing, with total understanding and confidence, i am THIS, not THAT.

THIS is limitless consciousness existence. THAT is what arises is THIS – all form.

Freedom, moksha, is knowing I Am THIS ever-present love.

The Ego masquerades as THIS, apparently covers THIS but is always THAT – a separate wave that is born, lives and then dies upon the shore.

Believing, I am somebody doing something, leads to great suffering.

Vedanta is a means of knowledge, that takes the thought – I am somebody, and over time, removes the somebody, leaving I am. This is true freedom.

Enlightenment is not a special status achieved by a spiritual seeker, it is simply knowing, I am and have always been, the light.

The ego is just a reoccurring thought made possibly by light, which is love. I am this object-less, form-less, action-less, boundary-less, ever-present, always free, love.

Photo by Rebecca Mirsky

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