Great Oneness, Isvara

Remove my ignorance – the likes and dislikes, fears and desires, that influence my actions.

Let me act instead from understanding and dharma, the nature of creation, which is love.

Remove my attachment to this body-mind, and the objects and experiences that appear as thoughts in my mind.

Let me know your love, the source of all creation..

A love that flows through me, animating my body, its functions, emotion, thought and even bliss.

It is that which allows my senses to touch the objects of my experience.

There is only love, the source of all life.

I am this love, which was here before birth, exists during life, and will remain when the body passes, forever.

There is only love and this limitless conscious existence is my true and essential nature.

As I abide in this love, I am whole, unaffected by experience, and content. This is moksha – liberation.

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