Reflections On Love

The final stage of bhakti (devotion), as shared by the Narada Bhakti Sutras, is non-dual love.

The first stage is love of objects, then God, followed by love of Self knowledge and finally actualizing Self love.

In realizing my essential nature as non-dual love, I no longer NEED to receive love or even give it.

Why? Because I am love and need dissolves.

The love that I am, includes everything and everyone.

There is no separation between the love that I am and the love that you are. There is only love.

This love is the essence of creation.

This love is not an emotion or a doing, it’s simply who I am.

This does not mean I don’t give to others. How can I not make a contribution to creation, which includes you, for all I have been given?

This knowledge means my love is no longer conditioned by or tied up in need.

As love, I am whole.

As this love, I am free.

Influenced by the teachings of Ramji (James Swartz) and his book, “The Yoga of Love.”

Photo by @katherinedessert

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