Inquiry Into Happiness

Contemplate, meditate, & write on the following:

What do I value most in this life and how can I actualize these values? How do I spend time and do my actions align with my values?

What are my gifts and talents and how can I practice and share them with the world?

How can I honor this sacred temple of body, heart and mind? Consider diet, exercise, rest, practices…

When emotions arise, what are the beliefs that activate and sustain them? Are these beliefs really true?

Cultivate a gratitude practice. Everything of value that I have has been given to me – my body, heart, and mind,… life itself. I am grateful for…

In what ways can I make a contribution to my family, community, teachers, and the earth? “The heart that gives, gathers.”

Who am I underneath my roles, age, sex, astrological sign, enneagram number,… This “I am” is my true identity, which is always whole, pure, and free.

Karma Yoga: With an attitude of gratitude, for my life and all I have been given, I offer the very best action I can each moment and receive every experience back as a gift. I enjoy the good and learn from the bad, in this way everything serves and nothing is wasted.

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