KARMA YOGA : Transform Your Life With Every Action

Instead of carving time out of each day for spiritual practice, make your whole life a spiritual practice with Karma Yoga. 

IMG_5947We are each born with a unique purpose (svadharma) and when we live this purpose, our life has meaning and we feel content.

When we share our gifts and passions with creation (the dharmic field), creation supports us back and we feel a sense of being in the flow of life which is yoga (union). 

There is no greater service than courageously sharing our purpose and gifts with the world.

A short story by James Swartz exemplifies the concept of svadharma. It’s called the “The Bolt and the Piston”. The piston was bragging to the other engine parts about his speed and power and shaming the engine bolt for having such a boring job. The bolt responded, “I know my job is simple but if I don’t hold down the engine to the frame, we’re toast. “

Essentially, we all have a job to do and if we try to do another’s job because it’s sexy or makes more money and abandon the one we were created for, we won’t one happy.

What is Karma Yoga? Taking the best possible action in every moment, from a place of gratitude and appreciation for all we have been given. The karma yogi let’s go of results, because results are not under our control. We then accept all results as prasad (a gift), enjoying the good and learning from the bad.

This practice has such a transformational affect on our emotions and state of mind.

Learn more about Karma Yoga here.

Eaden owns True Nature Healing Arts, in Carbondale, CO with his wife Deva Shantay. Together they have a passion for creating inspirational space for community and personal growth. Learn more at www.truenatureheals.com.

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