Dissolving Inner Obstacles

fullsizeoutput_277Every moment features two orders of reality, 1) Mithya – the realm of objects, which includes experience, both internal and external, and 2) Satya – the subject, limitless, conscious existence, within which objects appear (which is actually free of all attributes).

Suffering results when we identify with 1 and forget we are 2.

What does identify mean from the Vedantic perspective? a. that we think an object or experience is real, b. that we believe we can get something from the object or experience, i.e. a sense of adequacy or freedom from the limitation we feel.

The essence of discrimination or what James Swartz calls the satya/mithya vasana, is negating 1 while abiding in 2. As we practice the negation of objects, neti, neti (not this, not this), over time, what remains, is you. 

Note: even with moksha (liberation), objects don’t disappear, only our attachment to them.

When we identify with 1, we are at the mercy of maya and the first two teachings of Vedanta – happiness is not in objects and life is a zero sum game

Essentially, 1 is tiring and wears us out, while 2 nourishes, enlivens and sustains.

If you feel overwhelmed, worn out, or dissatisfied in any way, you are most likely caught in number 1, Maya’s web.

Sadhana (practice): throughout the day – bring your attention to the present object arising in the form of a sensation, emotion or thought; take a breath, bless the object and then return to the awareness (witness) within which it appeared – you.

It’s nice to bless the objects as they are just old friends born of past action.

When we walk towards an object thinking it will fulfill us or push away an object thinking it will keep us safe, we only strengthen the identification (its bind). This is why accepting what is presenting itself, offering a blessing of gratitude and then bringing our attention to that which we are – awareness, is super helpful.

In time, and with practice, your dispassion for objects and your identification with the self will grow. This is good 😊

With ❤️ Om Ganesha

Photographer and Artist unknown.

Questions and comments welcome.

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