Why Are We Here?

img_4537My morning practice transforms my challenges, affirms my values and supports my highest vision.

Gratitude: Every day I begin with gratitude, because all I have, has been given to me. This body, heart and mind, friendships, opportunities, challenges, family,…

Values: I then consider what I value most and commit to actions which align with these values. I value freedom through the teachings of Vedanta. I value family where I practice love and sharing.  I value work where I share my passions and gifts. And I value health, which supports the values mentioned above.

Consecration: I dedicate my thoughts, feelings, fears, desires and actions, to the field, to life, to the creator.

Identify mantras: where I contemplate statements which affirm who I am and how I want to show up in the world. “I am whole, complete and good,” “I express love through what I pay attention to, and action in the word,” and “In being my self and living my dharma I serve creation in the highest way.”

Karma Yoga Spirit: I state my intention to act with personal, situational, and collective dhamra, while letting go of results because results aren’t up to me, and receiving each experience as a gift, enjoying the good and learning from the challenges.

While this morning practice is a wonderful setting of intention, it is part of a holistic daily practice which includes Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, TriGuna Vibhava (yoga of the three gunas), Bhakti (devotion) and study. When I began this journey, I used to sit on a meditation cushion in front of an alter for 30 or 45 minutes and that was about it. I have come to realize that my whole life is the alter, and every moment, an opportunity to practice.

I have learned that my conditioning based on past karma is super powerful and an equally powerful daily practice is required to neutralize its momentum.

As we align with gratitude, values, dharma,  and who we are as limitless conscious existence, every action we take becomes a contribution to the whole. 

Thank you to James Swartz, Ted Schmidt and Christian Leeby for greatly influencing this morning practice. Offering gratitude to the teachings of Vedanta that are helping me understand who I am and unbinding my fears and desires and to the sampradaya (lineage), who have protected the teachings for thousands of years.

With Love and Great Thanks, Eaden

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