The River of Experience

img_3842Life is an ever changing realm of experience, and like a river it keeps flowing as long as we are in this body. While we have limited control over what experiences life brings to us on any given day, we can influence the quality of experience by practicing karma yoga (understanding dharma – the personal and universal laws that govern life and taking actions in alignment with it).

The real trick with experience though, is not controlling it but rather processing and extracting the gold (knowledge) from it. Two people can witness the very same event yet have completely different experiences because we all perceive experience according to our unique conditioning (past karma).

Lots more to explore on this topic but I’ll leave you with this, there is pure gold in every experience, good or bad, and that gold is you. Let go of the debris and keep your attention on you, the limitless conscious existence that imbues all life.

Thank you to James Swartz, the teachings of Vedanta, and the lineage. Visit Shining World to learn more.



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