How Separate Are We?

IMG_3748When we look at the world and the people in it, all we really see is a projection of our values. The judgements and opinions, likes and dislikes and fears and desires that we have about people, places and things, are nothing more than our values superimposed over objects, all taking place within the mind.

We can only ever experience objects within the mind, a profound and subtle instrument that takes the shape of whatever we sense, feel and think.

With the study of Vedanta and the practice of self inquiry, we come to know that the mind is not separate from awareness (consciousness). In fact, the activities of the mind are dependent upon and illumined by awareness, much like the light of a movie projector that animates the objects appearing on a screen. Light is a metaphor for awareness, the film, our values which result from past karma, and the screen, the reflective nature of mind.

Is there a boundary between the awareness that my thoughts appear within and the awareness that your thoughts appear within? While it may seem as though we are separate and I am over here and you are over there, upon further analysis, can we not conclude that I am appearing within you and you are appearing within me?

And if you are a projection appearing within me and I am a projection appearing with you, how separate are we?

Are the experiences we take for reality, anything more than thoughts appearing in consciousness?

When we make the choice to let go of our identification with appearances (projections) and even values, we are left with light, which is the truth of self: existence, consciousness and limitless-ness (unmodified by that which appears within it).

We have been fighting each other for lifetimes over ever changing projections which are nothing more than ghosts dancing in waking dreams.

In gratitude to James Swartz, the sampradaya (lineage), and the teachings of traditional Vedanta.


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