Satsang: On Loneliness

Satsang w/ Stacey, Feb 19th, 2016

Hi Eaden – lonely and going through lots in a new place – sadness, worry, wonder… Have just been repeating to myself: “aware” try to just notice things, emotions, thoughts – instead of giving them too much weight. Does this sound about right? Thanks, Stacey.

Hi Stacey. Everything that arises within you is the result of past karma and at some point in time, must be met and neutralized. It is helpful to realize that you are the awareness that the emotions and thoughts are arising within. While these arisings are dependent upon you as awareness, you as awareness are not dependent upon them and therefore as awareness you are free of them.
Like the sky that is not affected by the clouds that pass through it, you as true self, awareness, are never affected by thought and emotion, though they can appear to veil the sunlight. Thoughts and emotions can be held in love and gratitude as a gift from spirit. Witness emotional energy without moving towards or away or creating a mental story, and in time, patterns of thought and the resulting emotions, will lose their power.
Inquire into the thoughts that lead to the feelings, looking for self defeating or self sabotaging inner dialogue. Ask yourself, is it true? Loneliness is a mis-perception, because by nature, as the non-dual self, you are always connected and whole. Once again, let yourself feel but also realize you are not the feeling, that feeling is simply the result of past karma.
So, in essence, all that arises is perfect and perfectly created by spirit for your awakening. It’s the necessary grist for the mill. So hold it all with the intention of learning, growing and loving your self.
In Gratitude, Eaden

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