Letting Go

IMG_2055As I enjoy the kiss of Grandmother Moon’s reflected light, just before sunrise on this crisp fall morning, I offer a prayer of letting go. I release control, pride, fear that I am not enough, anger at myself though it gets projected at those I love the most, depression, and addiction – unwelcome friends that seeks to mitigate my discomfort though just produce more. I release the karmic veils born of past action that distort my perception of self and the world around me. Veils that keep me from receiving the radiant love that is always here, veils that keep me from sharing this love freely because I falsely believe there is not enough. Inhaling… I welcome this day, another opportunity to meet all that is with the presence of being. Exhaling… I let go and soften this body, heart and mind. Thank you Grandmother Moon and this new day about to be born.

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